The 2nd CIIE will attract more Hong Kong players.

PUBLISH DATE:2019-10-12     Source:News Flash of Investment Promotion Platform, Iss. 17, 2019, (380 issues in total)
Supporting fields:Commerce and Trade, Biomedical Industry

The reporter is informed by Shanghai Office of HKTDC on October 12 that there are 47 Hong Kong enterprises and institutions intending to present at the 2nd CIIE through organization and publicizing of HKTDC. There are 15 food enterprises which will attend the event for the first time. During the exhibition, visitors will enjoy various seafood of Hong Kong. It is reported that the total area of attending Hong Kong enterprises led by HKTDC reaches 1,432 square meters, much larger than 800 square meters last year. In which, the Hong Kong Product Gallery has a floor area of 1,000 square meters and, by tradition, will be located in the exhibition area of food and agricultural products. Totally 31 Hong Kong food enterprises will attend the exhibition, 9 more than those attending the event last year.