The 2nd National Event of CIIE is coming.

PUBLISH DATE:2019-10-15     Source:News Flash of Investment Promotion Platform, Iss. 17, 2019, (380 issues in total)
Supporting fields:Commerce and Trade, Cultural and Creative Industry

The 2nd CIIE will be held in Shanghai during November 5-10, 2019. The National Event of Exhibition is an important part of CIIE which will gather development statuses and achievements of more than 60 countries (including China) and international organizations in the area of trade and investment, including cargo trade, service trade, industrial development ,investment in tourism, cultural technology and featured and advantaged industries. To satisfy the enthusiasm of the public and present the communities with great achievements that have been made by the PRC in the past 70 years as well as further strengthen the spilling effect of CIIE, the National Event of Exhibition (Gallery 5.2) will be opened to the public fro free during November 13-20 (9:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.).