The first three quarters witnesses a growth of 2.8%. Foretrade developsign steadily with higher quality.

PUBLISH DATE:2019-10-15     Source:News Flash of Investment Promotion Platform, Iss. 17, 2019, (380 issues in total)
Supporting fields:Commerce and Trade

According to data revealed on the 14th by the General Administration of Customs, in the first three quarters of this year, the total volume of import and export of China reaches CNY 22.91 trillion, which is increased by 2.8% from a year ago. In general, it maintains a trend of steady and quality-oriented development. In such a huge scale of nearly CNY 23 trillion, there is CNY 12.48 trillion of export which is contributed by export (increased by 5.2%) and CNY 10.43 trillion of import, which is decreased by 0.15; the favorable balance of trade reaches CNY 2.05 trillion (increased by 44.2%).